Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Organizing Gmail Using Labels

Is your inbox out of control? Do you need a  refresher course in math in order to read that number in parentheses next to your inbox? Or, would you just appreciate an easy way to declutter and organize your Gmail? Yes? This post is just for you, friend.

No one has time for lengthy how-to vids or blog posts so I broke the process of organizing your inbox down into two parts. Part 1 is a 4.26 minute video that explains what labels are and why they are awesome. Part 2 is a 4.0 video demonstrating how to actually use labels.

Part I: What are Gmail Labels and Why Use Them?

Here is the transcript of the Part I video if you prefer to read it. 

Part II: How to Actually Use Labels in Gmail

Monday, May 1, 2017

Why Do I Care if my Online Activity is Tracked?

This month, the 5th graders are learning how to craft a safe online identity and be a great digital citizen. In the process we have come across several videos that explain just how our online activity is tracked, collected, and brokered. I want to share with you one particular video (2.29 minutes) because it does a great job answering a question many of us raise ....


Video: Digital Trail Animation by Common Sense Media

In class we talked about the  pros and cons of a tailored web experience and agreed that it is nice to not be peppered with ads for Pampers, but the info bubble it creates certainly makes it difficult to cultivate a broad perspective. 

What do you think?