Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Get to Your Google Apps From Anywhere

Sometimes when I am forced to use a foreign computer I have trouble getting to my trusty Google apps like Gmail or Drive because I can't find the apps launcher or any bookmarks. This can happen if I am using a browser like Firefox or Safari. It can also happen if I am on someone else's Chrome profile  that has a fancy theme. Sooo irritating! 

If you ever find yourself in this unhappy situation, here's a way out: use Google's back door. 

Simply type the name of the app you want, like mail, into the url address bar followed by dot google dot com. Like this:  This will take you right to your app although you might have to sign into Google first. It works will all of Google's apps, too. 

Sometimes, it's helpful to see a video demonstration. 

Do you know of any other way to access Google apps?

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