Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Get to Your Google Apps From Anywhere

Sometimes when I am forced to use a foreign computer I have trouble getting to my trusty Google apps like Gmail or Drive because I can't find the apps launcher or any bookmarks. This can happen if I am using a browser like Firefox or Safari. It can also happen if I am on someone else's Chrome profile  that has a fancy theme. Sooo irritating! 

If you ever find yourself in this unhappy situation, here's a way out: use Google's back door. 

Simply type the name of the app you want, like mail, into the url address bar followed by dot google dot com. Like this:  This will take you right to your app although you might have to sign into Google first. It works will all of Google's apps, too. 

Sometimes, it's helpful to see a video demonstration. 

Do you know of any other way to access Google apps?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Paper Keyboarding for Littles

This post was inspired by first grade teacher, Amy Gaucher, who  saw something similar on Teachers Pay Teachers. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

Download your own blank paper keyboard here.

Spelling by Jennifer Rowe BBRSD